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Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence In the Digital World of 3D

1990 - 2010

The computer as a tool, has furthered the development of human beings more than any other invention.  It has helped the design and construction community visualize the unimaginable, and bring  abstract notions of science into tangible visual intelligent images. The computer, in light of its capacity to produce powerful moving images, has also expanded the designers and contractors visual aptitude and ultimately prepared us for the future.

Frank Lloyd Wright, in facing the challenges of the industrial age, propounded a number of answers which are perhaps even more valid today. Wright said," I do not believe any architecture in the time of commercialism, of industrialism and of huge organization can be an architecture true to the spirit of those times unless it includes the use of all these  great tools of modern life."

We at View By View take great pride in celebrating our twentieth year in business. We have survived and continue to thrive due to our work ethic, our dedication and sensitivity to our clients' needs, our willingness always to go above and beyond, to be proactive in the face of tight deadlines and to interact seamlessly amongst and between our clients, their designers and the entire construction team.  We have developed a number of methodologies that enhance both the design and construction coordination processes particularly as they relate to the coordination of the MEPF and associated trades with the goal of minimizing the number of change orders and eliminating a large percentage of RFI's.  We act as BIM facilitators and as BIM consultants for those parties who are new to the process and need assistance getting started and to ensure that the process runs efficiently.  As consultants we often supplement the 3D models where there are gaps.  We are knowledgeable in a large number of 3D modeling technologies and are constantly on the lookout for new tools to improve upon those we already use.

While View By View is considered to be extremely efficient and productive as BIM facilitators, our vision extends beyond the 3D modeling and construction coordination process.  We not only strive to assist in getting buildings built as efficiently as possible, we are also forging ahead with the implementation of BIM into facilities management and energy efficiency - the next open frontiers.

We would like to thank all of those clients who have participated in View By View’s success globally.  On this site, you will find many projects spanning over the last twenty years.  In 2003 we introduced the BIM Process on the Letterman Digital Arts Center project and the success of this Lucas Film Ltd project echoes beyond our borders.  It is often quoted as being the “Poster Boy” of BIM.

On September 30th, 2009, View By View was awarded the National IDIQ BIM contract by the GSA (General Services Administration) valued at $30 million over five years.  View By View competed with over 100 other firms from around the USA and was one of the most highly rated.  We are extremely honored to be one of the five small businesses selected by the GSA.  We have assembled some of the most experienced partners to be part of our IDIQ BIM team.

 “The use of Building Information Modeling has brought significant improvement to an industry and process that was many years behind.  There are people who were pioneers in that major change.  View By View definitely ranks very high up on that list. What many others talked about, they accomplished.  They are without a question in my mind, the most knowledgeable professionals in their business today and I have nothing but the highest respect for them.”  (read full testimonial)

Thomas M. Brady
Project Director
Lucasfilm Foundation


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