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Yerba Buena Gardens, San Francisco, CA

 YBG is the site of the arts and cultural center of San Francisco.

This area includes:

The Visual Arts Center, designed by  Maki & Associates, Tokyo, Japan
Center for the Arts Theater, designed by James Polshek
Yerba Buena Gardens Esplanade, designed by MGA Partners, Philadelphia, PA
One Park Center, designed by Pei, Cobb, Freed and Partners,  New York, N.Y
SFMOMA, designed by  Mario Botta, Lugano, Switzerland
California Historical Society and Cartoon Art
Sony Entertainment Center, design Simon Martin-Vegue Winkelstein Moris, San Francisco, CA
Children's Center, designed by Dos Santos, San Diego, CA
includes:  Ice Skate, bowl, play and  Zeum, the high-tech art center for kids and teens,


Bird's eyel view of YBG.

You can mouse click on the SFMOMA and Sony Center buildings to get a better view

Poster created by View By View showing a photocomposite of the proposed site and buildings prior to construction and used extensively by facilites even after the entire project was completed.  We had the honor of being visited by all of the above architects to finalize details on the renderings we were providing for a public presentation of the project. We also worked closely with Mario Botta during the evolution of various design options for the SFMOMA tower.




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