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The White House Virtual Tour


This interactive prototype QuickTimeVR project was demonstrated to the White House Curator, the Chief Usher, the Secret Service and Director of the White House Historical Association.  At the time of making this prototype, QTVR technology was not available to the public and this was the first project of its kind ever produced using this technology.  It took six months to get the clearance to take the many photographs needed for this project.

We are continuously working on a complete architectural history of the White House that spans over 200 years. The cornerstone was laid October 13,1792.  The viewer will be able to mouse click on a time bar or on a portrait of the First Family in the portrait gallery that will transport you to that particular time.  Very few people are aware of the many architectural changes that took place in the White House over time. 

The red in this room rather than history, makes the first impression. The Red Room is used as a sitting room and reception.  In the 19th century, this room was known as a Music Room.

The Oval Office in the West Wing was modeled based on The Blue Room. This room has the most famous furniture in the White House.

3D computer model of the ground and first floor

This Diplomatic Reception Room was transformed from a servant's hall to a boiler room, to a broadcast room, and finally to the main entrance and exit to the South lawn for the President and his family.  The  distinctive wallpaper in this room was printed with over 1,600 woodblocks on small sheets of paper, which were then glued together into panels.

This is the interface of the interactive CD-ROM screens. The upper right window is a navigable QTVR window and the isometric plan below is a short cut to the area of interest. The left window is the description of the area that is selected.

Uncorrected 180 panorama for a  QTVR. 

Images stiched but not adjusted for view

To West  Wing                         3D West Elev

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