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Is Virtual Reality the Future of the Design Profession?

Today we have the technical ability to allow the designer and the client to realistically explore and experience unbuilt projects. This virtual space exploration has its price: low resolution display, chunky headsets, electronic  gloves, and very expensive computer systems. The problem and the danger with virtual reality technology is its side effects, such as motion sickness.

Thie above stiched image of the Red Room, the White House is a series of 12 images taken with a 15mm lens than stiched together using QuickTimeVR Authoring Tools from Apple Computer  Inc.  At thais stage is is only an uncorrected image of a 360 degree panorama.  Once created into a QuickTimeVR movie the image can be view as a panorama.

Apple Computer's QuickTimeVR does not require the elaborate paraphernalia associated with virtual reality. Creating interactive 360-degree panoramic views or walk-through in QuickTimeVR is quite simple. One can create a walk-through just by combining photographs, computer-rendered images, or both. This innovative technology will allow designers to publish their visions in an interactive CD-ROM format and distribute it to all members of the team.It can be viewed with the standard CD-ROM player found on any computer platform.

We are continuously working on a complete architectural history of the White House that spans over 200 years. The cornerstone was laid October 13, 1792.  The viewer will be able to mouse click on a time bar or on a portrait of the First Family in the portrait gallery that will transport you to that particular time.  Very few people are aware of the many architectural changes that took place in the White House over time.

Click on the following examples of QuickTimeVR 360 panoramas

The White House
Red  Room

The White House
Blue Room

You need Quick Time  Player to view the above animations


The White House
Souith Lawn

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