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Testimonials - BIM Services

“I have worked with View By View since 2001 when we undertook the development of a 3D model for the Lucasfilm Headquarters Project at the Presidio.  I was in charge of the design and construction of that project as an employee of Lucasfilm.  Since 2006, when that project was completes, I have been and continue to be retained by the Lucasfilm Foundation through a consulting contract with the responsibility for the design and construction of projects.

When we started the development of the Presidio Project, we explored a number of potential firms to assist us to do what, to our knowledge, had never been done on a project of that size or magnitude.  View By View demonstrated they not only had state of the art knowledge and capability, that spanned several continents, but demonstrated a willingness to continue to push to find a better way to improve on what we wanted to do.

The value they brought to that project saved millions of dollars for Lucasfilm.  More importantly, they brought through their efforts and personal commitment, a major step change in how design and construction is accomplished on the West Coast of the US, and perhaps the Country.
Over the 4 years we worked on that project we explored and researched what others were doing and realized what we were doing was far ahead of anyone we came into contact.  The credit belonged to View By View.

In 2006, when I took responsibility for the development of a new School of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California, there was no questioning my mind that View By View would be involved.  This time however we wanted our design consultants to take the lead and develop the model as an integral part of the design process.  The design firm had never used BIM before and as would be expected, in the first phase, ran into problems.  View By View stepped in and provided the coordination between design and construction and made the first phase of this major undertaking a success.  The design firm has told me repeatedly since, that they would never start another project without BIM and continue to work with view By View on a second phase under a direct contract with them.

Since starting the program at USC, the University has taken not only an active interest in the use of BIM, but a leadership position in the development of Facilities Management software directly integrated into the BIM process.  View By View has been an integral part of the University core team.

The use of Building Information Modeling has brought significant improvement to our industry, and process, that was many years behind.  There are people who were pioneers in that major change.  View By View definitely ranks very high up on that list.  What many others talked about, they accomplished. They are without a question in my mind the most knowledgeable professionals in their business today and I have nothing but respect for them.”

Thomas M. Brady
Project Director
Lucasfilm Foundation


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