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QIN: Tomb of the Middle Kingdom


PARADE asked Steve Kent, an expert on computer games, to choose the season’s best. Here is one of the ten Kent picked:

“QIN: Tomb of the Middle Kingdom. This Myst-style game takes players inside the world’s largest man-made monument, the tomb of Qin, the emperor who united China. Two things distinguish this phenomenal game: Challenging puzzles and authentic settings. Since no one has ever entered the real tomb, the creators of Qin made great efforts to base their graphics on the art, science and architecture of the emperor’s time.”

Parade Magazine, November 24, 1996

“In a world full of “Myst” -imitators, QIN:Tomb of the Middle Kingdom” stands out as a product with a purpose. Sure it’s another gorgeously rendered photo-realistic slide show with puzzles, but this time it teaches very legitimate information about one of the most ancient culture on the face of the Earth.”

Steven L. Kent Special to MSNBC, December 1996

“Historically accurate architecture and artifacts, elegantly rendered in 3-D, make the gameworld interesting to explore.”

Computer Player, October 1996

“Qin is rendered with a meticulous eye for detail”

PC GAMER, October 1996

“The game’s superlative photorealistic images and animations take a step beyond Myst.”

NEWSWEEK, August, 1996

“Qin’s art is a breathtaking series of static images that do credit to the artistic sensibilities of the ancient Chinese people and the game producer.”

PC GAMES, August, 1996

“Indiana Jones meets Myst.”

Steven Greenlee, Computer Game Review

“Qin is a better Myst than Myst itself.”

Bernard Yee, PC WORLD, August 1996


Enter the world of Myst

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