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Letterman Digital Arts Center - Case Study

The BIM Process

About this white paper Published in 2004

The intent of this paper is to demonstrate the BIM process implemented on the Letterman Digital Arts Center (LDAC) and to provide detailed information on how the building information modeling was applied not only for design resolution but also within the construction process.

LDAC_Page 4_02 LDAC_Page 4_03

Figure 5.  Computer generated building information model (BIM) of the Letterman Digital Arts Center (LDAC).

One of the most important requirements for effective collaboration is to ensure that all team members are involved in the construction process of this core building information model.  Starting with the LDAC project management team, architects, structural and mechanical-electrical-plumbing (MEP) engineers, contractors and fabricators actively followed and provided input into the BIM process.

This process started with the creation of the 3D structural model followed by architectural components and later as they became available, with all of the MEP elements.  All of the design documentation on this project was delivered in 2D digital format supplemented by paper drawings.  Unfortunately, paper drawings will be with us for some time before the paperless BIM process takes over.

The other critical issue was to make sure that the latest information flowed through the process within the core building information model.  A read only server was installed in the project site office.  The server was dedicated to the BIM process.  Once all the 3D data was available, it was consolidated into the single building information model, using a unique highly compressed technology developed by NavisWorks Ltd. and recently purchased by AutoDesk.

LDAC_Page 4_04

BIM model


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