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Letterman Digital Arts Center, San Francisco, CA

2003 - 2005

Owner: Lucas Film Ltd.
Architect:  Gensler and HKS, Inc.
Engineer:  Skilling Ward Magnusson Barkshire
Landscape Architect:  Lawrence Halprin

Four 4 story low rise office buildings, 865,000 sf concrete  structure,
1500 stalls underground parking 17 acres of park  space, 23 acres total

LDAC_Image 01

 A photocomposited bird’s eye view of the entire LettermanDigitalArtsCenter campus

This project originally started as a traditional 3D computer model and renderings to be used by the Presidio Park Trust as a visualization tool by communicating these images with the community

This project originally started as a traditional 3D computer model and the digital renderings were used to communicate the design intent to George Lucas, the building users, the Presidio Park Trust and the general public.

Some time into this process View BY View realized that having an "intelligent" building model could provide additional benefits to the project.  With director of construction, Tom Brady's blessing, we subsequently occupied an office on site for two and a half years developing the first BIM project in the US while working interactively with the designers, the contractor and the subcontractors to resolve design and construction coordination issues as they arose.  We also continued to provide innumerable renderings for George Lucas who was actively involved in the design process. ( See the section on the BIM Projects)


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