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Kaiser Permanente Hospital, Santa Clara, CA

The BIM Process

Owner:  Kaiser Permanente
Mechanical Engineers: ARUP
General Contractor:  Rudolph and Sletten, Redwood City, CA
Construction cost for MEP: $ 85 Million

View By View was contracted by Rudolph and Sletten, General contractor to introduce the BIM Process to their company and to the MEPF subcontractors who were struggling with the MEPF coordination.
The project was three months behind schedule and the basement was a very complex spacially.  All the subcontrators were initially using traditional 2D CAD overlayed on light tables for clash coordination.  This project was the last project that we were involved in using light tables.
Today these light tables belong to a Construction Museum.

Kaiser MEP 2dCAD

The 2D CAD drawing by Mechanical Engineers locates the potitions of the MEP system but does NOT locate the MEP systems in space.  Only the sizes of the MEP systems are given.  It’s up to the MEP subs to locate the MEP systems in space and coordinate for clashes.

Light tables combines

The image above shows the MEP coordination process using the light tables where each trade is checking against the other trade for possible collisions..

The 2D CAD drawing above were produced by the MEP subs.  Each trade uses a different color and the clouded areas are the conflict areas.  It is in this stage that the MEP subs are locating the top and bottom elevations of the MEP systems.


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