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Istanbul 2000 Summer Olympic Bid, Istanbul, Turkey


Architects:  Stang and Newdow, Inc.  Atlanta, Georgia

This project was presented by the Turkish Prime Minister at the Gala presentation that was held in Monte Carlo, Monaco.
The 3D animation video was also part of the CD-I presentation presented to King Juan Carlos of Spain.
The CD-I  won a  "Silver Award"  in the AMI International Festival.

At the time of creating the 3D computer model of this Olympic Site, we were uncertain if a 3D computer model could be built using the Macintosh platform.  We managed to build a 3D computer model comprising about five million polygons and we created a stunning animation of a fly-by of the entire sixty square kilometer site.
Electric Image  Animation System and a Macintosh 950, Quadra with 300 MB of RAM was used on this project,

We completed the project in two months. A part of the four minutes animation was televised live worldwide on  many international Networks, including CNN.  This animation clip will be included in the animation section of this site.

Sunset View of Olympic Park Olympic Park
Main Stadium Olympic Village Fencing and Wrestling
Olympic Vilage

The bidding cities to host 2000 Olympics:

Istanbul, Turkey.
Berlin, Germany.
Manchester, Great Britain.
Beijing, China.
Sidney, Australia

Sidney  hosted  the 2000 Summer Olympic Games

Olympic Vilage

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