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What is Building Information Modeling (BIM)

 Cliff Bourland, Architect at Urband Design Group

Case Studies

Building Information Modeling is a process – not an end result but a tool.

The tool creates a virtual building , structure or system, true to scale and complexity, viewable from any angle or section.
A data rich environment that can exist on a wide variety of scales and complexities.

Building Information Model (BIM) can be utilized for:

Program approximation and layout in design
Visualization of complex shapes
Visualization of finished products – photorealistic renderings and virtual tours. (See 3D Projects section)
Design iterations and variations
Construction Documentation and layout
Automated integrated specifications
System clash or conflict resolution
Construction Administration communication tool
CAD CAM manufacturing
Shop drawings and installation data
As Built corroboration systems commissioning
Facilities Management Interface
Maintenance and Operations
Inventory Control
Database for Renovations and additions

Why use BIM ?

•30% to 57% of every construction dollar is waste. Source –
Construction Industry Institute 2004

•275% Productivity gap vs. manufacturing.
 US Dept. of Commerce BLS 1964-2003

•Construction Industry is responsible for 48% of all Green House Gas production and 25% of all Landfill volume.
Energy Info Admin Statistics and Pew Climate Report

•75% of all structures will be demolished or significantly renovated by the 2030.
USGBC 2008 annual report

•Lack of Coordination, Miscommunication and Insufficient Drawings amount to 18 – 22 % of any construction Schedule

Using the modeling process can increase productivity and reduce errors if only used for system coordination.  A savings of 5 – 8% of construction cost can be realized through less field fabrication and conflict between trades.
 LePatner – Rex Miller, The commercial Real Estate Money Pit

(BIM) - Case Studies


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