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These are exciting and difficult times fascing the building industry. After many years of being dominated by non-intelligent 2D drafting technologies, the industry is now paying serious attention to a new generation of 3D smart technology refered to as Building Information Modeling (BIM).

This technology represents buildings not as meaningless 2D lines but as an interconnected set of intelligent 3D parametric objects. As the designer creates or changes these objects, the implications are automatically propagated to ensure the integrity and consistency of the entire project. This 3D technology (BIM) is also refer to as 3D parametric modeling whereby 3D objects can be parametrically adjusted.

While our experience with this new technology was exciting and rewarding and at times frustrating, our experience with the Letterman Digital Arts Center  project confirms that technology alone is not the ultimate solution. Developing and managing the partnerships between all concerned parties involved in the design-build process, particularly with owners, designers, builders and fabricators was unquestionably a critical component to its successful implementation.

The Letterman Digital Arts Center (LDAC) project demonstrates that the critical decline in productivity facing the construction industry in this country can be overcome by forward thinking owners and the project management team implementing a construction management process centered around the creation of a smart virtual building information model (BIM). The real value of using the BIM process lies in the sharing and integration of information with multiple endusers, designers, contractors, and suppliers through the life cycle of the project. Building information modeling is already redefining the roles of architects, engineers, contractors, suppliers, building product manufacturers and facility managers because of its powerful 3D visual graphics and storage of intelligent 3D data.

We believe that 2010 due to the global state of the economy will become the year of the BIM process and more States, just as does GSA , will mandate BIM for all projects.  We also believe that the facilities owners will play a very active role in the BIM implementation process.

 Whenever humanity faced any sort of crisis as we do today, there were also great opportunities and implementing BIM on a global scale will be just one of them.

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