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4D Planning - CardioVascular Research Institute, UCSF Campus
 San Francisco, CA


Architects:  Smith Group, San Francisco, CA
General Contractor:  Rudolph and Slettten, Redwood City, CA

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The The above 4D Planning simulation was created using Synchro.  When elements turn green this indicates that they are under construction.
Objects colors definitions: Yellow is for Stud walls and Gypsum,  Blue is for Waterproofing, Gray is for Metals External Finish, Orange is for Terracotta tiles.  The Green areas on the site plan represent accessible areas and the Red non-accessible areas at that point in time. The scheduled Tasks are shown on the top left and the Gantt chart of those tasks on the right.

“We used Synchro’s 4D BIM schedule simulation to communicate among the project stake holders the complex construction sequences and site logistics. The ability to see clearly the schedule sequences creates a team dialogue and encourages creative problem solving.”

Michael Piotrkowski, Director of Technical Development, Rudolph and Sletten

CVRI’s new building at UCSF Mission Bay will provide state-of-the-art laboratories for current scientists and allow for the recruitment of more researchers. In addition to research, it will house an outpatient clinic for patients with cardiovascular disease. The new 232,000 square-foot building focusing on cardiovascular disease will include “clusters” of about 20 faculty offices on each of its three floors, which are joined by a central staircase.  Flexible laboratory space will accommodate nearly 500 graduate students, post-doctoral scientists and other researchers.

 4D scheduling results in more effective planning, analysing and communicating of the project scope and program. Design and construction plan alternatives can be evaluated, optimized and justified within the context of space and time. It enables one to spend more time improving the plan and less time trying to get all parties to understand that plan. As a result everyone on a project knows what to do, when it needs to be done, how they are going to achieve their goals. This allows decision makers to focus on improving delivery on other area’s of the project and identifying issues of greatest value or risk. It also increases the awareness of a team ethic by engaging input at an earlier stage, thus helping to reduce conflict during construction on site.

By incorporating the surrounding site conditions into a model one can analyse the use of rental equipment and issues that may occur as a result, as well as pin pointing in time when road closures etc. may be required. One can effectively review the logistics requirements alongside the construction sequence and understand the constraints imposed by site location, access/transportation limitations as well as general constructability. In addition, the ability to run multiple scenario’s in fine tuning the logistical / construction sequence can achieve significant gains in time at an early stage in the project which can only lead to an added positive knock-on effect for the duration of the project.


Rudolph and Sletten and View By View were able to optimize the added value of BIM for delivery:

4D Planing provided the delivery team onsite with a shared, common view of the project among all participants in the project “Big Room” co-location facility on the work site.

The scheduling capabilities enhanced their ability to sequence optimally, for example, the site logistics and exterior skin system for the new building. 4D Planing enables the delivery team to communicate better among the construction delivery team, consultant and the client/philanthropic teams at UCSF.



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